Piglets, Poohs and Tiglets

The curriculum our toddlers engage in daily emphasizes exploration and exercise. The teachers work hard to prepare your child for a more structured classroom environment. Children at this age, often times, are at very different developmental levels. Our teachers recognize that their toddler curriculum must provide a variety of activities with which to reach each child’s individual, developmental needs. They provide a well-balanced program involving many active, gross motor activities and plenty of opportunities for the little ones to investigate and discover the world around them. It is important for our little ones to practice the important self-help skills necessary to grow socially and emotionally while gaining self-confidence along the way!

Toddler Team

Piglets Lead Teacher: Ms. Cori Ridenour





Poohs Lead Teacher: Ms. Christina Waltz

Ms. Christina earned her associate’s degree in early childhood education from Sullivan University.  She grew up in a big family with a lot of little cousins, her mom worked with children and Christina learned of her love for children while watching her mom care for them.  Christina has worked in different toddler classrooms throughout her time at Honey Grove and enjoys that she learns from them as they learn from her.  She believes in learning through play and loves watching them discover something new from a simple toy or activity.  In her free time, she enjoys watching movies, spending time outdoors, and spending time with family and friends. 

Tiglets Lead Teacher: Ms. Jennifer Powers

Ms. Jennifer’s previous work life predominantly involved social services; direct support to individuals with disabilities, health coaching, and working with individuals diagnosed with Substance Use Disorder. In the back of her head, she had often thought about teaching but hadn’t moved past the point of consideration. After repeatedly volunteering in her daughter’s Kindergarten classroom, her teacher told me Jennifer should teach because she would be good at it. That gave her the push to start taking Early Childhood Ed classes, she is now pursuing her B.S. at Indiana Wesleyan University.  Jennifer enjoys each stage of child development; watching it unfold, facilitating skill development, and celebrating achievement.  She is currently spending her days with ten people that are less than 1,000 days old. Jennifer says they have so much to talk about, and all of it is important. Especially to them! Outside of work, she spends most of her time completing homework assignments and making attempts at navigating the life of a middle schooler (her daughter).  When she has time she enjoys naps, yoga, reading, caffeine, and winnowing down her Netflix and Hulu queues.