Let’s Play!

“Environments that encourage play are environments that are preparing children for
kindergarten, future elementary school academics and a love of life long learning. This
foundation then supports the house of higher learning. What happens when you build
with no foundation? What happens if an area or two (or all) is weak or missing?
What happens when there is no room for PLAY in our programs?”
Lisa Murphy, M.Ed. author of “The Importance of Early Experiences: How playing IS school readiness

When you walk into our Honey Grove classrooms you will hear the laughter and see the excitement on our student’s faces as they explore and learn through play. By providing play based activities our students are gaining a variety of skills including social skills, problem solving, self help and creative thinking. To keep play an exciting part of our day teachers offer free choice as well as a variety of toys that are rotated frequently. Through play we are able to observe the love of learning through little hands, hearts and eyes.