Center Grove Community School Corporation
Extended Care Program

Our Extended Education Program focuses on education in coordination with the curriculum in the Center Grove schools, character education, fitness, and nutrition. Our program will provide exercise instruction, group and individual learning opportunities, and hands on experiences that promote a positive learning environment.

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Please contact Mrs. MacKenzie at Mackenzie@honeygroveeducation.com  if you would like more information on our program.


What’s your favorite part about Honey Grove?

We do not just sit, we play games!
3rd Grade Student
All the time we get to play together and have fun, everyone helps each other, and everyone knows how to play each game.
1st Grade Student
Activities, gym, any sports, dodgeball, Octopus, and Army/Navy.
5th Grade Student
I like that we have homework buddies and that we can do lots of crafts. I also like that we have lots of options.
2nd Grade Student