Parent Feedback

“Initially I was worried about taking my child to both before and after care just because it’s a very long day, however, with the bus schedules and our work schedules there was no other option. Our child immediately loved the HoneyGrove program, both before and aftercare. He wants to go early and stay late, he has so much fun. This is extremely comforting to us as parents. I truly believe that the staff are awesome and they are what make this such an amazing program. We also utilize the intermission camps and again, our son has a fantastic time. Thank you to all of the staff for providing a wonderful environment for the kids!”

“Since my son isn’t being transported anywhere, adding before school care a handful of times hasn’t been an issue. I fully appreciate that aspect of the program. Also the charitable things that the staff has set up for the kids helps me to instill the idea of giving back to others in my son and is reinforcing the values we try to teach him at home.”

“LOVE HG intramurals! Love that my kids get to be active and part of a team while at HG. It’s nice that they can do it without taking away from family time in the evenings. Thank you!”

“All the staff is very friendly and creates a wonderful environment in which my child loves to attend!”

“Everyone is very helpful and friendly and recognized me after only having my daughter attend 3-4 times.”

“My kids love being at the before and after school care given by Honey Grove! I am thrilled that they enjoy being there. It helps make my “guilt” tolerable knowing they are having fun.”