Owner, Greenwood Director: Ms. Bonnie Buckley


My name is Bonnie Buckley and I am the proud owner/president of Honey Grove Educational Center. Honey Grove is one of Johnson County’s largest privately owned childcare operations, servicing nearly 800 families in the community.  After many years of teaching within the Center Grove Community Schools, I noticed a strong need for early childhood education in the area. Honey Grove was created with the idea that all children should be provided the tools to succeed.  Early childhood education becomes the foundation of a child’s educational future.

I have always had the passion for teaching children and watching them develop confidence and a genuine love for learning.  My vision was to create and continue to develop a childcare/preschool program which includes a safe, nurturing, and loving environment while providing the support needed for successful growth in early learning.  I wanted to create a progressive and balanced, hands on curriculum that includes play based learning, teacher lead learning, and structured classroom routines.  Our students will experience the educational environment early on, which will prepare them for the high standards and expectations that are part of the current elementary school programs.  Honey Grove Educational Center is “where student success begins”.

Personally, I was born and raised here in Johnson County and graduated from Center Grove high school in 1977.  I received my undergrad from Indiana University in Elementary Education. Then earned my Masters in Elementary School Administration thereafter.  I became a working mother and raised three active son’s in the community, all graduating from Center Grove as well.  They are now grown men with families of their own.  Now, I am fortunate to enjoy all my wonderful grandchildren and watch them grow through Honey Grove!  Outside of time spent at my grandchildren’s activities, my husband Gary and I stay busy and like to attend movies, travel, and entertain.


00293Bargersville Director: Ms. Emily Roth






62433082Curriculum Director: Ms. Lindsey Smith


I was brought on board to Honey Grove in August of 2015.  I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from Indiana University.  While in school my ultimate goal was to operate and lead a child care center with a focus on education.  To gain more knowledge and experience I spent 10 years teaching kindergarten at Rosa Parks Elementary School in Perry Township.  During these 10 years I greatly enjoyed working with students, families and staff to assist in the academic, social and behavioral growth of 28 little ones each year.  Some of my favorite things to do with my students were putting on creative performances for students and families, teaching literacy skills using the Zoo Phonics program, coming up with engaging hands on activities and simply observing my students as they experienced and developed  the love and excitement of learning.  In 2009 I was proudly awarded the “Teacher of the Year” award.

Throughout my teaching career my passion for Early Childhood Education continued to grow and develop.  Joining the Honey Grove family felt like the perfect fit where I could bridge the gap between public early childhood education and the daycare/preschool setting.  It has been a wonderful experience and I am eager and excited to help Honey Grove Inc. expand to reach out to as many families as possible to provide the best Early Childhood Education to guarantee a successful start in kindergarten.  As part of my role I enjoy working with teachers to educate them and model the best practices of teaching, lesson planning and behavior management.  I also enjoy working with students to support all areas of development and I work diligently to create a program where all students can succeed.  Planning community involvement opportunities, staff building experiences and creating ways to unify staff and families has been an enjoyable focus as well.

I enjoy spending time with my family which includes my husband, 5 year old daughter,  2 year old son and the newest family member, a Goldendoodle puppy, Marlo!  We enjoy vacationing, swimming, playing outside and doing projects together.  I have lived in the Center Grove area my entire life and am proud to call this wonderful community my home.  I am excited to help Honey Grove Inc. continue to grow to provide unforgettable experiences and education for children of all ages!