We have four boys and our two oldest are graduates of the aH-day kindergarten program at Honey Grove. Our two youngest will be attending kindergarten at Honey Grove when they get old enough.

The smaller classroom size leads to increased individualized attention. When the boys struggled with different aspects of learning. they were able to receive individualized attention to address the issue. By the same token, when they needed to be challenged, the smaller class size meant the teacher was able to present more challenging materiaL In some respects, each child learned at their own pace so no one was left behind and those that needed a greater challenge, received it.

Our boys received an excellent foundation for elementary schooL They both were reading above the first grade level when they finished kindergarten. Making the adjustment to elementary school was much easier because they were confident in their learning abilities and they had a leg up compared to the other first~graders in their classes.

Most of all, each child is loved and made to feel special at Honey Grove. We. found their self-esteems soared when they reached elementary school because they already knew so much and were well-prepared. We feel the foundation that was laid at Honey Grove has been a major reason for our boys’ success. Our oldest son has been in the fourth and fifth grade EL programs and is testing for the honors programs in middle school. Our second son was invited to test for the ability to be in the EL programs.

Adam & Amy Norman

Dear Bonnie:

I wanted to write you a quick note to share with you a sense of gratitude and praise for Honey Grove Educational Daycare. As you know, our family has been a “Honey Grove Family” for several years. When it came time to decide where to send our oldest son to Kindergarten we looked at several options. We decided to send him to Honey Grove for his Kindergarten year. Now that he is in first grade, I can see what a wonderful decision we made. He has excelled in first grade and that is because of the preparedness he received at Honey Grove.

Prior to our decision, Ms. Lori had shared with me that the content in her Kindergarten class was equivalent to the 1st Grade content currently being taught at the Center Grove Schools. I can say that has been 100% the case. My son has shared with me that he has done so well because he “learned this stuff last year.” I know that learning the lessons earlier has helped him to have confidence in his work at school, a sense of pride that he is doing well and has set the stage for continued success. Ms. Lori is a great teacher and the smaller classrooms help to provide an opportunity for more one and one teaching. My son’s first grade teacher commented in our parent teacher conference that “he was very prepared for school and was a joy to have in class.”

Honey Grove also has helped him to learn things that will help him not only in school, but socially as well. He learned table manners, how you treat others and how to respect adults and teachers. His citizenship grade this year also reflects these characteristics.

As my next child approaches Kindergarten age, he will definitely be attending Honey Grove. Thank you for providing such an excellent place to send my children; a place where kids grow, learn, build character and get prepared for the future.


Nicole Sawa

Dear Bonnie,

I am honored to be able to write a letter for you to post to your website. Thank you for a great 7 years!

My son started at Honey Grove soon after it opened in 2002. At the time, I was a single mother, and my highest priority was finding safe and reliable childcare for my son. When I first visited Honey Grove, I was very impressed with its state-of-the-art facility and staff. There is a room behind the office for children who are sick, and this was very impressive, as my son could lie down if he were to get sick at daycare until I could come get him. Bonnie was a teacher prior to working at Honey Grove, and with this past expertise, I felt that Honey Grove could offer my son limitless educational opportunities. Since 2002, my son has been a “Piglet”, a “Pooh”, a “Tigger”, an “Eeyore”, and went on to attend private kindergarten at Honey Grove. Over the years, my son has become very comfortable in his environment at Honey Grove, and has been fortunate to make friends that he still keeps today. In attending Honey Grove’s kindergarten, I believe it has given my son an edge over other students his age that did not attend kindergarten at Honey Grove. His reading skills, especially, are very advanced for his age, and I credit Honey Grove for that. I would recommend Honey Grove to any parent who wants to see their child safe, well taken-care of, and given an educational edge while they are at work. Thanks Honey Grove for a great seven years!

Respectfully yours,

Shelley Matheson

We were recommended to Honey Grove 6 years ago and have been using and recommending Honey Grove to all of our friends and family ever since. We can’t say enough good things about our experience with Honey Grove. The staff here is exceptional. We know that when we drop our kids off they will be in good hands. Our 2 year old has been coming here ever since he was 12 weeks old and he just loves it. He loves to come in and give his teachers big hugs in the morning and big hugs when he leaves. As a parent it’s nice to know we have someplace like Honey Grove to watch over our kids. Thanks! Honey Grove.

Steven and Angie Phillips

Honey Grove Latchkey Program

To who it may concern,

I have had the pleasure of observing the Honey Grove before and after school care program at North Grove Elementary on a daily basis. I have been extremely impressed with the quality of the program. The students are well behaved, engaged in meaningful activities, and have the opportunity for academic tutoring. The atmosphere is supportive and loving, yet firm with boundaries. I highly recommend this program.


Gayla Gunn, School Counselor

Dear Sirs and Madems:

I am writing this letter in strong support of the Honey Grove Educational Center’s before and after school program provided at North Grove Elementary School during the school year of 2007-2008. My fourth grade daughter looks forward to her time in this program. They assist her with her homework, which no other provider has ever done with her, allow time for creative play through crafts and games, and generally care for her in a safe and affectionate manner.

I consider myself and experienced consumer of childcare services in the Greenwood area, having used daycare services continuously since 1992, when my older child was born. In addition to in-home care, I have used Adventures, Kindercare, Kid Co., YMCA, Goddard School, Mount Auburn, Riviera, and Woodside. I can honestly say that Honey Grove’s before and after school program is by far the safest, most convenient, and has the most pleasant staff of any of the aforementioned providers. I especially like the fact tha my daughter does not have to be on the road, risking accidents, between daycare and school, and that Honey Grove is very flexible about providing additional full-day care during school holidays at there regular site.

Please consider this an extremely high recommendation and I am convinced that no other local provider can provide better services.


Katerine G. Gregory
Mother and Attorney at Law

To whom it may concern,

My name is Anne Dailey I am a mother of four. All four children have been attending Honey Grove Daycare since June of 2005 when we first moved to Indiana. Currently, my oldest son, Tommy, attends the before and after school program at North Grove. Tommy just loves it. He likes the fact that there are more children his age in the program as well as friends that he goes to school with. The teachers always keep the program fresh and interesting. They are a tremendous help to Tommy with his homework. I, as a parent have the utmost confidence that Tommy is being well cared for while he is at the program. I have two other children that will be attending Sugar Grove Elementary next year and I would be thrilled if Honey Grove Daycare personnel were managing that program. In my experience, all the personnel associated with Honey Grove Daycare are professional and loving teachers and caretakers. I feel very fortunate that Honey Grove was recommended to me when we first moved to the area. All of my children have benefited greatly in their development from their experiences at Honey Grove.


Anne Dailey

To whom it may concern,

We are so grateful for Honey Grove before school program. Our son Josh loves to come to school early because of the great care he gets. The mornings Josh doesn’t have to go early, he gets upset with us because he has so much fun. We don’t know what we would do without Honey Grove and their program. It is very affordable and the children always look happy to be there. The program is in the childrens’ environment where they don’t feel like they are going to a “daycare” setting with smaller children; they feel at home. We feel very comfortable knowing that our kindergartener is in safe and loving hands when we drop him off in the morning. Keep up the good work and we will definitely be signing our son up for this program again next year.


Kathy and Daryl Gibson