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About Us

Honey Grove Educational Center began its journey in 2001 when Bonnie Buckley opened her first Infant through Pre-K Center location on Olive Branch and SR 135. Previously, Miss Bonnie had taught multiple primary grades for 15 years and knew there was a drastic need for high-quality Early Childhood Education in the Greenwood area. After a few years of Honey Grove being opened, Miss Bonnie was given a great opportunity to begin her journey as part of the Before and After School Programs at one of our Center Grove Schools, North Grove Elementary, which then expanded to another Center Grove school, Center Grove Elementary. Her son, Adam McClurg, joined the Honey Grove Team in 2008, and continued the success of the daycare, along with both Before and After School Programs. Eventually, both of their significant others joined the team, (Gary Buckley and Mackenzie McClurg), and continued to expand Honey Grove for years! Fast forward to 2023, Honey Grove now operates with 11 Before and After School Programs, (both Center Grove and Clark Pleasant Schools), an Early Childhood Center, and a newly renovated Infant Center that totals approximately 1,200 school-age and 150 infant through pre-k children throughout all facilities.

Bonnie is a proud Hoosier and attended Indiana University and graduated with a degree in Elementary Education and cheered for the Hoosiers as well! She made her way back home to Greenwood, Indiana, and taught for 15 years before opening Honey Grove. While teaching, Bonnie completed her Masters Degree in Elementary Education Administration. Her husband, Gary, joined in 2010 as our head Chef at the Center and has served as “Papa Gary” for many of our little ones at HG! Gary was born in England and moved to the United States in 2009. They currently live in the Center Grove area and have 10 beautiful grandchildren, 8 who are proud Trojans, and 2 who live across the pond! Bonnie and Gary spend most of their time either in the bleachers being their grandkid's best cheerleader or rooting on Chelsea Soccer… or as Gary would say, football!

Adam is also a proud Hoosier and attended Indiana University and graduated with a degree in Business. Adam was a Linebacker for the IU Football team and had four outstanding seasons. He finished his degree in 2007 and started at Honey Grove to help assist his mom with the business. Adam has used his business degree and focused mindset to help shape and build this company since the day he started. Adam and Mackenzie were married in 2013 and have three very active children in the Center Grove community. Mackenzie began her journey at Honey Grove in 2013 when Adam asked her to be the Director of the Before and After School Programs. Previously, Mackenzie was a Kindergarten teacher at Rosa Parks Elementary and obtained her Elementary Education degree at Indiana University. In 2013, Honey Gove was given the opportunity to operate all 5 Center Grove Elementary Schools at the time, and in 2017 added all six Clark Pleasant Elementaries. Since then, Mackenzie has been a large part of the Before and After School Programs and thrives on interpersonal relationships within the company. Adam and Mackenzie are big advocates for the involvement of the community and spend a lot of their time with their kids’ sports and schools.

Honey Grove has always been a family-owned business and therefore strives for a family feel in all aspects of every program. They have been blessed with an amazing staff that has shown an extreme amount of loyalty and respect to not only the company’s values but to all families involved for years. Bonnie, Gary, Adam, and Mackenzie are extremely proud of the amount of dedication their employees have shown and are extremely thankful for the opportunities they have been given. One of the biggest blessings of running a daycare and a Before and After School Program is the gift of seeing a child begin than journey as an infant and watching them grow into a young adult knowing that Honey Grove was a big part of this journey.

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