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Early Childhood Program

Bargersville Center

6:30 am - 5:30 pm

Monday - Friday

Our state of the art facility is just shy of 12,000 square feet and houses nine classrooms, a gym, and four outdoor spaces.  Our center is located on the corner of Morgantown and Whiteland Road in a secluded and tranquil area!


This is where it all begins! Our experienced infant teachers are very dedicated to providing your little bundle of joy a caring and nurturing environment to spend their day. They practice welcoming, open communication with all of our families. It is important to make sure that parents are informed of all of their child’s events and activities each day. Our teachers are always willing to do whatever is necessary to be able to work individually with each one of our little ones. They always accommodate each individual infant’s schedule and level of development whether your little one is learning to sit up, crawl, or take those first few steps!



The curriculum our toddlers engage in daily emphasizes exploration and exercise. The teachers work hard to prepare your child for a more structured classroom environment. Children at this age, oftentimes, are at very different developmental levels. Our teachers recognize that their toddler curriculum must provide a variety of activities with which to reach each child’s individual, developmental needs. They provide a well-balanced program involving many active, gross motor activities and plenty of opportunities for the little ones to investigate and discover the world around them. It is important for our little ones to practice the important self-help skills necessary to grow socially and emotionally while gaining self-confidence along the way!


At Honey Grove, our academic goals for each one of our classes is a progressive set of developmental, age-appropriate specific skills for our teachers to use as guidelines when creating their lesson plans. Students who are enrolled in our pre-school programs participate in many hands-on learning centers that expose children to the different areas of learning. Teachers will facilitate opportunities for learning by using developmentally appropriate materials enabling our students to practice and acquire skills whether working individually, in large groups, or in teacher-directed small groups.


Our Pre-K Curriculum consists of age-appropriate literacy, math, and science concepts. We focus on a letter of the alphabet every week. We learn the name, sound, and the proper way to write the letters. We have a lot of fun doing activities, experiments, and crafts that help us learn more about weekly themes, as well as, the weekly letter. In addition to whole group learning, we engage in small teacher-directed stations. We are committed to helping the children adjust to a structured environment, balancing both learning and fun. We also help prepare them for the very important transition to Kindergarten. Our day is full of directed center time learning and quiet time activities including free play.


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Center Director:

Cassie Root (

Nursery Director:

Amanda Hubner (

Human Resources and Enrollment:

Lexi Blackwell (


Julia Cassinelli (

Weather Delays

Center Grove calls two hour delay:

Honey Grove will operate with normal hours.

Center Groe cancels school:

Honey Grove will be closed.

Center Grove calls for early dismissal:

Honey Grove will call for early dismissal.

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